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Date or production tables relate Gerber Mark II serial numbers to the years they were manufactured. Nine major and several minor tables/lists exist. However there are some discrepancies between them. Remember, that in the early years, Gerber did not keep careful records. It was nearly 14 years later in 1981 that a table was compiled by Mr. Doug Hutchens, Survival Knife Historian at Gerber.

I have attempted to use information from the lists to resolve some of the discrepancies, correct a few errors and insert more detail into the table. However there are several serial range differences that I could not resolve.


The following tables/lists were used to formulate my date table:

  1. 1981 Hutchens Table - Mr. Doug Hutchens held several managerial positions at Gerber and was the Survival Knife Historian.

  2. 1982 American Historical Foundation Table - Probably done by Robert Buerlein

  3. 1984 Pete Gerber Desk List - List found in Pete Gerber Sr.'s desk

  4. 1986 Unknown Origin Table - Table of unknown origin

  5. 1997 Levine List - Published in Bernard Levine's Guide to Knives and Their Values IV. Also found at (Over half way down page)

  6. 199? Trzaska Table - Gerber_Numbers.jpg - Found at Frank Trzaska's site at (Over half way down page)

  7. 199? Gerberguy Table - "GERBERGuy's GERBER LEGENDARY BLADES Collector's Website" originally found at and archived at

  8. 199? Frost Matrix - "Gerber Mark II Production History Matrix" by Robert Frost originally found at and archived at

  9. 200? Gerber C.A. List - Info sheet by Donda Burnett, Gerber Consumer Affairs

  10. 2008 Sarasota Info -

  11. 2/10/09 Sarasota Table -

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