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[Author Image] I served in the U.S. Navy from 1959-1963 but saw no service in Vietnam. After my enlistment, I worked as a test engineer and software developer for the Aerospace Industry for 34 years. I am now retired.

I've been collecting and learning about the Gerber Mark II for over 24 years. I also collect John Ek and Randall Knives but on a limited scale.

I hold a FCC Technician Class Radio License. I also enjoy hiking, construction and maintenance of hiking trails, backpacking and botanical photography of native plants.

I would like to thank the many individuals who share my preference for the collection of military edged weapons and were willing to help a fellow collector in many ways both large and small. Special thanks to the following individuals (listed in alphabetical order):

Bill Adams, J. Philip Bailey, Al Betters, Chris Blair, Gary Boyd, Fred Bratman, Gary Brown(deceased), Louis Chow, Tom Clinton(deceased), John Daniel, Frank Dobbish, D.C. Futrell, John Gibson, Mike Golden, Jerry Hall, Reno Hartzell, Doug Hutchens, Frank Kalana, Pacha Kaye, Ed Klimek, Roland Klimek, Bob Kotula, Rick Larson, Ernie Modlin(deceased), Tom Ormiston(deceased), Robert Norris(deceased), Harvey Reisberg, Richard Sams(deceased), Richard Schechner, Thilo Schleinitz(Germany), Charlie Sharps, Mike Silvey, Alvin Snapper, Larry Thomas, Larry Winiewicz, David Yancosky and Valery Yanduganov(Russia).

John Sabol